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Paul Nassif: Terrible Friend of Charlie Sheen

Posted by on February 2, 2011

Paul Nassif is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who just went to the news media because his friend, who got married at his house, is Charlie Sheen. He described Charlie as being his good friend, and then went on to divulge information that only he was privy to about Charlie . Charlie even trusted Paul to drive him home from the hospital where he recently went due to stomach pain.

So, let’s imagine for a moment you’re Charlie Sheen. Your life is great but it also sucks because you’re addicted to substances. So, you go to the hospital and also get yourself in to drug rehab. And then you have this supposedly trusted friend that you confide in. And then the next thing you know he’s talking to Brooke Anderson about personal information about you. Do you think you’d consider him a jerk? Why doesn’t he just stick to being a friend and plastic surgeon instead of trying to be a celebrity himself? He added nothing to Charlie’s life, or to society, by going to the press about Charlie. Charlie has experts who release information on a specific basis when warranted. Instead you have this idiot surgeon, supposed-friend divulging info about him.

TMZ even reported that Paul Nassif admitted in a lawsuit that a major insurance company said to his patient that he was committing fraud and they have their eye on him.  Oh, and then of course he sued said insurance company.  Sounds like a serious shade-meister to me. I wouldn’t let him slice and dice my face, that’s for sure.

I’ll tell you one thing, I bet if Dr. Paul Nassif, MD  were Jewish, he’d have been a bit more loyal to Charlie Sheen. This is especially the case given how kind and gentle Martin Sheen is. Charlie Sheen doesn’t deserve a traitor “friend” like Paul Nassif.

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